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Complete the secure online form below or download and print a PDF application. Fax completed applications to: (914) 576-7669. Please note: Each owner, partner, member and shareholder associated with the purchase of the franchise must complete a Franchise Application.

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    I understand that the acceptance of this Franchise Application by Maui Tacos International or any of its affiliates (collectively "Maui Tacos") does not constitute the grant of a franchise. I understand that Maui Tacos grants franchises only by executing written franchise agreements. By signing below, I authorize Maui Tacos and its assigns to start an investigative consumer report (including information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living) and credit investigation based on the information voluntarily provided by me and warrant that all information provided is true and accurate. I understand that I have a right to request that Maui Tacos make a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of such investigation. Maui Tacos may obtain my credit report in connection with this application. This is my authorization to credit reporting agencies, bank(s), creditors and suppliers to release to Maui Tacos, and to Maui Tacos to release to such parties, all information requested regarding my depository, loan or other credit information including, without limitation, financial information, by telephone or in writing as part of the normal credit evaluation process. I release my bank(s), creditors, suppliers and Maui Tacos from all liability with respect to the release of any such requested information. Authorization is granted to use photo or fax copies of my signature to obtain information. If I am requesting that Maui Tacos make a credit determination based on my creditworthiness combined with any co-applicants, I authorize Maui Tacos to discuss any derogatory credit items with such co-applicants. I understand that Maui Tacos may, at any time, require that I sign an updated application or provide updated information.

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