Kokua Nights at Maui Tacos:

Are your folks tired of selling candy, candles and wrapping paper? Do you dread making one more phone call asking for another donation? Well, The Team here at MAUI TACOS® is on a mission to help you raise more money, more often, and have (a fiesta) fun doing it!


That’s right, you got it. The surf’s up at Maui Tacos and your fundraising efforts will be too if you bring your family, friends, and, oh yes, your appetite for great Mexican food served with Mauitude, …oh, and don’t forget those hula hips of yours, you’ll need them at your Luau!


In our native Hawaiian language, Kokua means to help, assist and support. Our Kokua Night program is MAUI TACOS’ way of helping, assisting and supporting organizations within our community with their fundraising objectives.

How does it work? Maui Tacos will donate 20 % of all the pre-tax sales generated by members of your organization who dine with us on your very own Kokua Night. We’ll give you a flyer to print for your use in promoting your event to your group – remember, the more people who come to your party, the more they spend, the more dinero you will raise!

All you have to do is:

  • Give copies of the flyer to your friends, family, co-workers
  • Give the flyer to the cashier at Maui Tacos when you place your dine-in or takeout order on your group’s Kokua Night
  • Eat delicious Mexican food enhanced by the Flavors of Aloha
  • Have a hula of a good time!

The more people you bring (and the more they eat!), the more dinero you will raise. Ready to schedule your very own Kokua Night? Just call the franchise owner of your nearby Maui Tacos (see the Locations list) to discuss the program and select a date for your organization.


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